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What Would You Like to Know?


How it works?

Book, get confirmed, welcome your crew 15 mins earlier, get details from our supervisor before your relocation starts, enjoy your relocation, shake hands and have fun in your new place.

How we do it?

We wrap your furniture, bag your mattress and sofa, bring runners to keep dirt in minimum. We make it (quick+safe+reasonable+logical)

How flat rate condo relocation program works?

Based on the relocations we have completed in the past, we are proudly announcing this peace of mind option.

Here are included goods,


1 Bed(King size bed included)

2 Nightstands

2 Dressers

1 TV

Living Room:

1 Sofa

2 Armchairs

1 TV

1 TV Stand

1 Coffee Table

2 Side Tables


1 Dining Table and 6 Chairs

Kitchen Island

1 Shelving Unit


Baby Room, Work Office, 2nd Bedroom


Rugs, Lamps, Weights, Hanging Clothes, Boxes

Please feel free to substitute goods.

More or less is accepted.

If you are not certain about size of your move, please send us couple of photos of your belongings and get approved shortly.


+1 647 425 5310

How it works for bigger houses?

We charge by the hour. Time starts when crew is ready to start after supervisor giving you the details of your move, time ends when the last good comes into hour new place.
Your bill:
duration x rate + transportation fee

About transportation fee

Our flat rate condo programs include transportation fees. Bigger moves exclude, because they get bigger trucks.

Here is how the fee calculated:

Base $200 including 100km's

Each additional km costs .50 cents up to next 100km's

Please get in touch for distances over 200 km's.

How insurance works?

We pay up to $6 per pound for your furniture.

We replace TVs.

You are responsible for the boxes you make.

Valuables, laptops, sunglasses, phones, jewelry, cash money are under your responsibility.

Alive plants are moved by us if needed however insurance does not cover them.